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BBQ Gloves, Heat Resistant, Waterproof, Oil Proof, Neoprene Material - 13 Inches Long - Food Safe, BPA-Free

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About this item

  • 2Pro design BBQ gloves: Insulated, non-slip, extended 14" length
  • Soft cotton liner for comfort, heat insulation, and food safety
  • Waterproof neoprene coating for easy cleaning and chemical resistance
  • Protects hands and arms from extreme heat during cooking
  • Versatile: Suitable for BBQ, grilling, camping, brewing, and more
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: Full support from our team
  • XL size fits most, easy to put on and take off
  • Multi-functional: Perfect for kitchen and outdoor activities

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BBQ Gloves, Heat Resistant, Waterproof, Oil Proof, Neoprene Material - 13 Inches Long - Food Safe, BPA-Free

MSRP: $16.99
(You save: $1.11 )

Detail View & Funtionality

Textured Palm




Textured Palm


  • Designed with Grip Pattern to give the grill master the ability to grab and hold on the the meat
  • Fits all hand size
  • Easy slip on and off design


Waterproof coating


  • cooking is fun, but cleaning, not so fun, lol.
  • at least this glove offers waterproof and anti-slippery
  • So your hands can stay dry and cool while cleaning


Ideal use


  • BBQ
  • Grill
  • Smoker
  • Fryer
  • cutting
  • grab food
  • Separate meat by hand


FDA Food Contact Safe


  • compliance coating
  • Food Contact Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Comfort around the family



Feature Diagram


Feature Diagram

The benefit of Product:

1. These BBQ gloves are pro designed to protect you from extreme heat while you are cooking or create your next perfect meal on your barbecue, smoker or grill,

2. These heat resistant BBQ Gloves made with food contact safe neoprene rubber.

3. They are water, fire & stain proof

4. Easy to Clean.

5. Stop Burning Your Hands On the Grill, Oven, Fireplace, and more in extreme heat!

6. The 14inch length of heat resistant gloves sleeve, protect your arm from extreme heat

7. Designed with a textured palm for a great grip even when grease or wet, the soft cotton liner keeps your hands cool and comfortable while maintaining great dexterity.


1. It is not permanent protection against fire or heat resistant! These are HEAT RESISTANT, NOT "HEAT PROOF."

2. This product is not suitable for protection against hot liquids or hot gas!

3. Always keep the gloves clean. A buildup or dirt can affect the gloves performance!

4. Replace it if torn or damaged.

grill masters in action


grill masters in action

Wear gloves when and where a reasonable chance exists of your hands contacting something hot enough to cause a burn. The hazard assessment should indicate cases where gloves are required. There are some cases such as glassblowing, where the dexterity required cannot be achieved wearing heavy gloves, but the properties of the materials permit handling them without injury.

check for flaws, tears, holes. The gloves should be a comfortable fit, but not so loose that they fall off. When Removing gloves do not use your mouth to pull off gloves by the fingers. Avoid gripping glove by an area that has just been in contact with a hot object while you are removing it. One acceptable method is to partially remove one glove by pulling on the fingers, and with the fingers in the palm of the partially removed glove pull off the other glove by the fingers. Then the partially removed glove may be shaken from the hand. An alternative is simply to wait for the gloves to cool before removing them.

Handling Food with your hand

Food contact gloves are certified under Title 21 CFR Part 177, which states that the components of the glove comply with the regulations and the gloves consist of “Substances generally recognized as safe for use in food or food packaging

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