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Heat Resistant Oven Glove, Extra Long Length, 14 Inch, Green.

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About this item

  • JH brand heat-resistant oven glove designed to protect against high temperatures
  • Extra-long glove measuring 14 inches, providing extended coverage for the hands and forearms
  • Features a vibrant green color scheme, adding a pop of color to your kitchen
  • Made from durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Suitable for use in various industries, including baking, cooking, and grilling
  • Provides a comfortable fit, minimizing hand fatigue during extended use
  • Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and safety in the kitchen
  • Ambidextrous design, making it suitable for both left and right-handed individuals
  • Ideal for handling hot pots, pans, and baking trays, ensuring safety and preventing burns
  • Perfect for both professional and home use, providing safety and convenience in high-temperature environments.

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Heat Resistant Oven Glove, Extra Long Length, 14 Inch, Green.


The JH Heat Resistant Oven Gloves keep your hands safe from extreme temperatures in the kitchen. This model is the Extra Long Length version, measuring 14 inches in length, and comes in a vibrant green color.

The glove features a unique quadruple heat protection technology, consisting of a thickened 3-layer silicone coating. The first layer is made of green Dupont Nomex and Kevlar, both of which are heat-resistant fibers. The next two layers consist of heat-resistant silicone coating on the shell, including a pink silicone block coating and a transparent silicone coating on the full palm. The finger of the inner shell also has a layer of heat-resistant silicon coating. The glove is lined with 100% cotton for added comfort. The food-grade silicone coating on the glove provides a nonslip grip texture, making it easy to handle food and slippery items without any issues. The glove is also reversible, so it can be worn on either hand.

Features and Further Details

 This heat-resistant glove is designed with an outer layer made of 100% Nomex fiber and silicone coating. It features 1 layer of DuPont Nomex heat-resistant fiber and 2 layers of heat-resistant silicone coating, as well as 1 layer of 100% cotton liner for comfort. The new design includes a thickened double layer of heat-resistant silicone coating on both glove shells and an extended cuff. The glove is made of DuPont Nomex heat and flame-resistant fiber, making it capable of withstanding extreme heat. The food-grade silicone coating also provides a nonslip grip and helps protect food safety. This glove is great for use as oven gloves, grill gloves, BBQ gloves, fireplace gloves, welding gloves, and for handling any hot surfaces.

BBQ Grill smoker, must have a pair

Whether you are showing off your grill techniques or having family outdoor gathering, or simply a cook out in the summer. This pair of heat resistant gloves will give you the protection you needed and the flexibility your hand deserve

Heat Resistant up to 932F

 grill gloves is awarded with authoritative EN407/EN420 Certification.These heat resistant gloves against thermal risks rather than normal gloves. With upgrade fabric,the BBQ gloves can provide the ultra protection against heat up to 932°F (500℃) for 15 seconds, 212 °F(100 °C) for 70 seconds. What’s more,these grilling gloves can be used as an oven gloves and baking gloves.With it,you would believe it’s the best oven mitt from all the oven mitts.

oven Gloves - Heat and anti slip protection

Silicone Stripe on palm and fingers are designed to anti-slip, ensure providing maximum protection for you when deal with hot cookwares and firing coals and woods when baking, grilling, cooking, roaster & rotisseries etc.. The silicone gloves with five separate fingers enable you move more comfortable and flexible. They allow you possible to hold different kinds of hot and slick kitchen item safely and stably.

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