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Heat Resistant Oven Glove, Regular Length, 11.8 Inch, Purple.

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About this item

  • JH brand oven glove
  • Heat resistant material
  • Regular length
  • 11.8 inch size
  • Purple color

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Heat Resistant Oven Glove, Regular Length, 11.8 Inch, Purple.


New Generation Hot Resistant Glove Exclusive Quadruple Heat Protection Technology 

The Latest Edition Heat-Resistant Glove, which boasts an exclusive Quadruple Heat Protection Technology. This groundbreaking design features a thickened double layer of silicone coating, complemented by a layer of Black Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Fiber, along with two additional layers of heat-resistant silicone coating on the inner cotton shell. The palm of the glove is reinforced with a unique combination of a purple silicone block coating and a transparent silicone full-palm coating, providing unmatched protection.

Features and Further Details

Our Food-Grade Silicone Coating with a nonslip grip texture. Designed for ultimate convenience, this product is reversible and can be used for either the left or right hand. Created using Nomex, a heat- and flame-resistant fiber that is commonly used to build firefighter suits, this coating offers extreme heat resistance. Additionally, the product features a high-quality cotton lining that ensures perspiration-free use. Ideal for use in the kitchen, oven, grill, barbecue, fireplace, and other heat- and fire-resistant purposes. Say goodbye to worrying about burns and slips and hello to a more comfortable and safe cooking experience.

  • Our oven gloves are made to the latest technology with the highest quality materials to protect your food safety and hands from unwanted burns and uncomfortable heat.
  • These BBQ gloves are, easy-to-clean, machine washable and come with a handy hook for easy storage.
  • Double silicone coating Reversible for left or right hand.
  • These Heat Resistant oven gloves are EN407 certified which means you're safe up to 932°F. these protect you from all different kinds of heat, whether its an open flame or it's a convective heat even withstand small amounts of molten metal. These Gloves will keep your hands safe when handling extremely hot objects.


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