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Cut Resistant Gloves - High Performance Cut Level 5, Food Grade Cut Gloves, 1 Pair

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About this item

  • Cut-resistant gloves for exceptional protection, level 5 cut rating
  • Food grade, perfect for food processing
  • Sold in pairs for both hands
  • Durable materials resist cuts, slashes, punctures
  • Lightweight, comfortable, minimizes hand fatigue
  • Easy to clean, maintain hygiene
  • Ambidextrous design suits left and right-handed individuals
  • Versatile: food prep, woodworking, metalworking, glass handling
  • Available in multiple sizes for snug fit

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Cut Resistant Gloves - High Performance Cut Level 5, Food Grade Cut Gloves, 1 Pair

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Cut Resistant Gloves - High Performance Cut Level 5, Food Grade Cut Gloves, 1 Pair


These gloves are perfect for use in food-related industries, as they meet the standards for Food Grade Cut Gloves.

Made with top-quality materials, our Cut Resistant Gloves offer excellent resistance against cuts, punctures, and abrasions, ensuring maximum safety and durability. Don't compromise on your safety - get our Cut Resistant Gloves today and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable hand protection.

Features and Further Details

Our food grade kitchen gloves offer exceptional protection against cuts and scrapes while preparing food, ensuring maximum hygiene standards. With color-coded options, you can confidently handle meats and fish with the red glove, while the green glove is ideal for fruits and vegetables. For cheese lovers, our yellow glove is the perfect choice. Designed for both small and large hands, these gloves provide a superior grip with a snug fit, allowing you to work with precision and dexterity. Whether you're preparing food or working on tasks that require delicate handling, these gloves offer the ultimate in comfort and protection. Don't compromise on safety and hygiene - choose our food grade anti-cutting gloves for your kitchen today.