Beach Toy Set, Summer Beach Fun Activity, Castle Bucket Sand Mold 16-Piece Set, Play Kit for Kids with Heavy Duty Reusable Mesh Bag

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About this item

  • 16-Piece Set: Castle bucket, molds, shovels, rakes, for endless beach fun
  • Summer Essential: Enhance outdoor play, fueling creativity under the sun
  • Durable Materials: Safe, sturdy toys built for lasting playtime adventures
  • Perfect Sandcastles: Castle bucket for building dream sand creations
  • Portable Design: Convenient mesh bag for easy storage and transport
  • Beach Adventure: All-in-one kit for endless seaside entertainment
  • Safe Play: Non-toxic materials ensure worry-free fun in the sun

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Beach Toy Set, Summer Beach Fun Activity, Castle Bucket Sand Mold 16-Piece Set, Play Kit for Kids with Heavy Duty Reusable Mesh Bag

MSRP: $16.99
(You save: $8.00 )

Durable mesh bag – The beach toy set comes with a durable mesh bag for easy storage. It’s also convenient for a beach trip.

1 pyramid mold and 1 castle bucket with handle – Great for sand castle building not only at the beach, but also in your kid’s sandbox. This can help enhance their creativity.

4 animal molds and 4 castle molds – The animal and castle molds are great for stimulating exploration and creativity. Your kids can surround their sand castles with turtles, bunnies, alligators and dinosaurs. The molds also come in different colors, which can support color mastery.



1 sand sifter, 4 hand tools and 1 watering can – Let your kids discover what they can do with their hands. These hand tools are of high quality and don’t have sharp corners, so you are assured that they’re safe to use

Sandbox Toys and Beach Toys for Fun Activities: Build sand castles. Great opportunity to learn and adopt creative skills while playing. Through Sandbox toys and beach is learning and playing go hand-in-hand. The beach toy set includes 16 pieces of plastic sand toys to let your kids enjoy a great day at the beach



Sandbox Toys And Beach Toys- The beach toy set comes with 16 pieces of high quality molds and hand tools to let your kids enjoy their trip to the beach. It already includes one sand sifter with a bucket cover, four animal molds, four castle molds, one pyramid mold, four hand tools, one castle bucket with a handle and one watering can. You don't need to find a bag or box where you can keep these tools as it comes with a heavy duty mesh bag.

JustForKids Beach Toy Set, Summer Beach Fun Activity

Castle Bucket Sand Mold 16 Piece Set, Play Kit for Kids With Heavy Duty Reusable Mesh Bag

Your search for - how to make kids summer beach activity enjoyable is finally over!

Our Summer Beach Fun Activity and Play Kit for Kids will make the beach activities memorable to your kids.

Fun At Beach and Indirect Learning Through Fun and Play - The beach toy set from JustForKids promotes active play and creativity while letting your kids have fun in the sun. This is also why sandbox toys and beach toys are recommended for kids.

Scope For Growing Kids Creative Skills

With this beach toy set your kids will surely have a lot of fun while improving their creativity, imagination and motor skills. The hand tools and plastic molds will keep them happy and occupied for hours. Building sand castles and other structures is also an activity that can often get older siblings and parents to join in. Everyone can create new memories and just enjoy the day.

Design For Fun, Play and Learn

The beach toy set promotes children's creativity ideas. It helps children build their self-confidence. The Beach Toy Set comes with a high quality castle bucket, pyramid mold, watering can, shovel, several molds, rake and sieve as well as its own mesh bag to make sand castle building more fun and exciting.


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