Premium Deerskin Polar fleece Back and thinsulate lining Winter Outdoor Gloves, Themo Gloves, cold weather gloves, black/grey, 1 pair

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  • 50% polar fleece Lining, 50% deerskin, 100% thinsulate Lining
  • 3M thiosulfate thermos layer for extreme cold weather and winter outdoor gloves
  • Polar fleece lining and back provides extra comfort and breathability and lock hand temperature inside the gloves lining
  • Extra soft and micro Deerskin leather Palm on top of the 3M thiosulfate thermos layer and planer fleece lining which works as the outer shell provides windproof and heat lock capability
  • Stretchable and retractable nylon cuff provides extra length to keep your wrist warm or work as outer lock to keep the wind and breeze out of your arm. It can also be tucked in

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Winter Work Gloves Insulation

gloves on the moutain

Winter Glove Insulation

Finding that right winter work gloves that keeps your hands warm while still allowing for good dexterity can be difficult. When picking out your winter work gloves for the cold season, you need to determine whether pure cold protection is most important or if maintaining your hands' dexterity is critical. According to what degree of warmth and dexterity you need, a glove's style, leather type, and insulation material are all key components in selecting the right winter gloves for your situation


Back of the glove


When selecting a winter glove, internal insulation shouldn't be the only factor. The materials making up the outside of the glove can play a very important part in keeping your hands warm and dry.

Polar fleece is a lightweight, warm alternative to leather. Polar fleece shouldn't be confused with the fleece lining you see inside a lot of welding gloves. The winter work gloves to the right feature polar fleece on the back and Deerskin on the palm and Fingers

3M Thinsulate insulation

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Thinsulate insulation

Thinsulate insulation is a Right of 3M that is breathable, moisture-resistant, and both machine washable and dry-cleanable. The fibers of Thinsulate insulation are very fine; therefore, they are more effective at trapping air. Since the fibers are so fine, many of them can be packed into space to reflect back more body heat. Thinsulate insulation is broken down by grams per square meter of insulation. The colder the temperature, the higher the gram insulation you’ll want. However, the higher the gram, the less flexibility you’ll have.

40 gram for high activity levels or cool conditions – We line the gloves with 40-gram Thinsulate to minimize the bulk while offering added warmth

Winter Outdoor Gloves




Warm Gloves deerskin Palm and Finger

Polar fleece lining and back provides extra comfort and breath ability and lock hand temperature inside the gloves lining

Polar Fleece Lining and Back

3M Thinsulate insulation thermos layer for extreme cold weather and winter outdoor gloves

Extra Wrist cuff & Thermo layer

100% polar fleece Lining, 100% deerskin, 100% 3M Thinsulate insulation Lining

Product Description

The Craftsman carefully selects the best Deerskin leather. Adopting delicate and smooth sewing craft, focus on every detail to premium quality and durable performance of the warm Deerskin Winter glove. Handmade Deerskin gloves for men and Women, these thinsulate gloves will give you the best experience of premium leather close fitting, comfort, and warm