JustForKids 5009 Synthetic Leather Kids Garden Gloves, Kids Work Gloves, Grey, 1 pair


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#5009 Series




Back of the Glove

Synthetic Leather

outside Playing

Safety Cuff

Palm of the Glove

Suede Finish


5008 Series

5008 left

5008 center

508 right

Right Hand Back

100% Premium Cowhide Leather

Palm of the Glove

Rubberized Safety Cuff

Left Hand Back

Suede Finish


5013 Series





100% Premium Cowhide Leather

Front and Back

Easy Slip on Cuff


Suede finish

 5009 kids glove50085013
 #5009 Sythetic Leather#5008 Premium Cowhide Leather#5013 Premium Cowhide Leather Driver
Leather Material Bond/Sythetic 100% Cowhide Leather 100% Cowhide Leather
Softness Silk Soft(very Soft) Heavy Duty Medium
Toughness Not Really(OK againest minor chips) Heavy Duty Rough Edge
Safety Cuff Slip On
Washable Yes No, just brush it off No, just brush it off
Rubberrized Cuff No, Pasted Short Cuff
Leather Finish Smooh Leather Suede Smooth Suede


  • 100% synthetic leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic Duede leather provide oil and water resistant
  • Safety cuff
  • Cotton stripes on the back with breathability

JustForKids Series: #5009 Synthetic Leather Kids Garden Gloves

Protection for the little hands in the garden

Yes, they look like leather - but they are not. If you are either environment-conscious or for whatever reason unable to use leather materials, our JustForKids Synthetic Leather Kids Garden Gloves are the perfect alternative for you. Compared to leather gloves, these synthetic leathers are not only lighter and softer but also more flexible than leather gloves.

A Little Helping Hand in the Garden
Your little ones always want a pair of work gloves that ""just look like daddy's or mommy's”? Well, we have the perfect pair for you! With these gloves, your little ones feel so much easier to help around in the garden or your workshop.
Children work gloves made of Synthetic leather palm, the mini of the adult size. These gloves are designed to protect little ones lending a helping hand. Two size: 3-6 yr. and 7-11 yr.