G & F Products 25619 23 Inch Long 5/8 inch Wide 2mm Thin Stainless Steel BBQ skewer 8 Piece, Silver

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  • Made of stainless steel 5/8 Inch Wide, 23 Inch Long with real Wood handle. Stainless Steel Thickness: 2mm. This thing is made out of quality material, you can almost use it as SWORD !
  • Total Piece count: 8 Pieces of Skewers + 1 Camouflage carry bag. Carrying with style and stylish tools.
  • Flatbed skewer design to make sure your meat or Veggie doesn't spin while cooking. The true
  • The true mediterranean cooking style, Kabab and BBQ. Brazilian-style large barbecue skewers
  • Caution: The tip has sharp edgeds on both sizes of the stainless steel, use with care and caution. If injuried, seek for medical treatment

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The history of Kebabs
Kebabs are various cooked meat dishes, with their origins in Middle Eastern cuisine. Many variants are popular around the world.

In most English-speaking countries, a kebab may be the classic shish kebab or shashlik – small cubes of meat cooked on a skewer[1][2] – or, outside of North America where it is better known as gyros,[3] the more recent and now-ubiquitous fast-food doner kebab.[2][4] By contrast, in Indian English[5][6] and in the languages of the Middle East, other parts of Asia, and the Muslim world, a kebab is any of a wide variety of grilled meat dishes. Some dishes ultimately derived from Middle Eastern kebab may have different names in their local languages, such as the Chinese chuan.

Kebabs consist of cut up or ground meat, sometimes with vegetables, and various other accompaniments according to the specific recipe. Although kebabs are typically cooked on a skewer over a fire, some kebab dishes are baked in a pan in an oven or prepared as a stew such as tas kebab.[1][7] The traditional meat for kebabs is most often mutton or lamb, but regional recipes may include beef, goat, chicken, fish, or more rarely due to religious prohibitions, pork.

Grill larger quantity food portions with these commercial grade restaurant Brazilian-style BBQ shish Kebab (kabob) skewers. Larger than other average BBQ shish Kebab (kabob) skewers, these skewers feature an extra long heavy Gauge Stainless Steel blade & secured in a strong riveted wood handle, Perfect for grilling larger quantities of your favorite shish Kebab (kabob) meats, whole medium size chickens, roasts & other foods perfect for the open flame."