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8115 14.5'' Grain Cowhide Leather Gloves, Sold by each- 1 Pair

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About this item

  • Superior Material: The gloves are made from high-quality grain cowhide leather, which is a durable and flexible material that provides excellent protection and grip.
  • Comfortable Fit: The gloves are designed to fit snugly and comfortably, providing optimal dexterity and flexibility for a range of tasks.
  • 14.5-Inch Length: The gloves are 14.5 inches long, providing ample coverage and protection for your hands and wrists.
  • Versatile Use: The gloves are suitable for a range of tasks, including construction, welding, landscaping, farming, and other manual labor tasks that require protection and grip.
  • Sold by 1 Pair: The gloves are sold by the pair, providing a cost-effective and convenient solution for those who need high-quality leather gloves for their work or hobbies.

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8115 14.5'' Grain Cowhide Leather Gloves, Sold by each- 1 Pair

MSRP: $24.99
(You save: $7.00 )

Features and Further Details

 This glove features an extended 14.5 inch long sleeve for added protection while handling a chimney starter loaded with hot coals or lifting a sizzling grill grate. The cotton lining provides extra heat protection, comfort, and softness, while the leather hanging loop adds convenience for both hanging and decoration. With its 14-inch long leather cuff and gloves, you get overall protection against the thorny tips. Once poked, you know you're protected, offering additional safety when grilling in the summertime or tending to fire logs on Christmas day. A pair of these gloves is essential for household needs and comes in handy in many situations.

  • The gloves are made of 100% cowhide leather and have a lining that is 100% cotton. The Kevlar stitch adds to their durability.
  • An extra-long sleeve that measures 14.5 inches offers extended protection.
  • These gloves are perfect for various activities, including BBQ, grilling, fireplace management, heat handling, thorn bush trimming, animal handling, and bite protection.
  • Our customers rave about these gloves being incredibly useful around the house due to the thickness of the leather surface and the cotton lining, which allows for a wide range of applications.
  • Compare these gloves with similar products to see their superior quality.


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