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1516-DZ Latex Coated High Visibility Work Gloves, Sold by 12 pairs

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About this item

  • High Visibility Design: The gloves feature a bright, high-visibility color that makes them easy to see even in low-light conditions, enhancing safety and visibility on the job site or during outdoor activities.
  • Latex Coated: The gloves are coated with natural latex that provides a strong and secure grip, as well as excellent protection against cuts, punctures, and abrasions.
  • Sold by 12 Pairs: The gloves are sold in bulk, with each package containing 12 pairs of gloves, providing a cost-effective and convenient solution for personal or professional use.
  • Versatile Use: The gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, landscaping, warehouse work, and more.
  • Durable Construction: The gloves are made from high-quality materials that are designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing reliable performance and protection even in challenging work environments.

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1516-DZ Latex Coated High Visibility Work Gloves, Sold by 12 pairs

MSRP: $18.99
(You save: $6.00 )
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1516-DZ Latex Coated High Visibility Work Gloves, Sold by 12 pairs

MSRP: $18.99
(You save: $6.00 )

G & F Gloves for Work and Garden, MicroFoam Textured Coated Palm, 6 Pairs, Color Green

The G & F Micro Foam Gloves are a true masterpiece in terms of sustainability and functionality. These gloves are made from 100% recycled cotton/poly material, manufactured with cutting-edge technology that uses 76% less energy compared to traditional cotton and oil/poly material. With these gloves, you'll be doing your part in saving the planet, your home, and backyard, as they produce 45% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The gloves are perfect for gardening and protect your hands from dirt, skin wounds, and nasty splinters, making gardening easier and more enjoyable.

Features and Further Details

The Latex Textured/Crinkle coatings are specifically designed to channel away liquids, allowing for better handling in heavy-duty wet and dirty conditions. These latex-coated heavy-duty gloves offer a good dry and wet grip and are resistant to snag, cut, puncture, and abrasion.
  • These G & F gloves are made from 100% recycled cotton/poly material using Made IN USA technology, which requires 76% less energy compared to natural grown cotton and oil/poly material.
  • A true gardening glove that produces 45% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making it a sustainable choice for your home and backyard.
  • Designed to keep your hands warm in winter and cool in summer, these gloves are suitable for heavy-duty work or gardening jobs for all men and women.
  • They are appropriate for every job and a pleasure to wear.
  • The gloves are perfect for hard work such as weeding, planting, digging, gardening, landscaping, fruits, flowers, or vegetables projects, and are designed to avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores.
  • Whether indoors, outdoors, around the house, or outside, these work gloves are up to the heavy-duty challenge for all men and women.
  • The MADE IN USA glove shell technology fits like a glove and wears like a second skin. The gloves are smooth, lightweight, breathable, and soft, with zero skin irritation.
  • The design around the palm and fingers provides excellent grip performance, allowing you to easily grip your garden or work tools.
  • These gloves are easy to care for, simply hand wash and air dry.