100 Pieces of Arm Sleeves, Made of Non-Woven Fiber Sleeve Covers with Elastic Closures stretchble Reusable Blue 100 Pieces


- Breathable Light weight Non-Woven Fiber, Protection against dirt, grime, light fluid spray, powder contaminants and particle barrier.
Elsatic closure on both ends of the Covers stretch up to 8-9 inches
- 15 Inch Long covers all of the forarm just around the elbow
- This is NOT made of cheap plastic covers which gives you a baggy feel, this arm cover is reuseble, washble, if you want to toss it, it doesn't cost that much either
- This sleeve cover can be wear on top of cloth, bare arm, over thick coat, no problem, designed for many application household cleaning, dishwashing, hair salon, food service, garden, painting, tattoo etc. beauty and tatoo, engineering, automotive, electronic repair, arts and crafts, spray painting, handling powders, processing packing food.
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Painting project - protects your cloth from paint and dirt

painting work arm and cloth protection

Painting project - protects your cloth from paint and dirt

protects your arms from scratch and bites from flies or anything in your backyard that bites

weed wracking

house cleaning - kitchen cleanning - protects from oil and grease


your arm skin is protected from all the chore you might get into

scratch prevention