JustForKids Wooden Detachable Kids Cleaning Toy Set - Duster, Brush, Mop, Broom and Hanging Stand Play - Housekeeping Kit - STEM Toys for Toddlers Girls & Boys, Total 6 Pieces


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Help your child build a positive association with imaginative play.

  • Explore sounds and textures
  • Process feelings through play
  • Contribute with a practical life tool
  • Explore the meaning of home with a story

Kids Cleaning Set


Just like the adults—and sized just right to fit their hands and height
Have your little one work like you do in the house! This cleaning tool set is the real deal - it's made of solid wood and plant-based plastic, and is built the right size just for those little hands to hold and move around.

With G & F JustForKids Cleaning Tool Set, your little one will not only be able to develop the pretend-n-play skill, but also understand how housework actually works as a little "grown-up" now.


 Built with Love and Care for your little one

  • Explore the different textures of all tools
  • Practice finger dexterity
  • Improve hand and arm strength

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