G & F 13039 Shoe Covers Box, Foldable Collapsible Shoe Covers Holder Bootie Box holds up to 100 Disposable Shoe Covers Box for Realtors and Open House also works as Foldable Collapsible storage bin 9"x9"x9"

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About this item

  • 100 & canvas
  • just like you, we care deeply about our environment and it's protection. Our shoe cover box and storage bins are made with materials that is sturdy yet breathable - easy on your hands, your belongings and the environment.
  • Multi-purpose Organizers: achieve organizational bliss with these chic, functional fabric drawers! Designed to perfectly fit most cube organizers. Use in your linen closet, wardrobe, nursery, playroom, laundry room, office and much more.
  • Dimensions: Box is 9×9×9 inches when open - small and durable - can hold up to 100 disposable shoe covers (shoe covers not included)
  • Message: polite and clear - "Please, remove or cover shoes, thank you" Foldable: box collapses for easy storage
  • Shoe cover holder: fill with shoe covers and keep your home, work environment, and classrooms dust/dirt/mud free!

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G & F Foldable Collapsible Shoe Covers Holder Bootie Box

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Shop with Our G & F Branded Shoe Covers that Fit Right in the Shoe Covers Box!

Our G & F Foldable Collapsible Shoe Covers Holder Bootie Box is designed to fit one roll of our G & F Disposable Shoe Covers (Water Resistant or Water Proof) with just enough room for your hands reaching in for them.

  • Stylish Gray Color that easily fits any style of your home
  • Thick Quality Canvas Fabric with Easy-To-Read Font
  • Foldable Design for Easy Storage
  • Multi-Purpose Organizer for More Than Just Storing Shoe Covers

G & F Foldable Collapsible Shoe Covers Holder Bootie Box


Product Description

INDOOR SHOE COVERS ARE BETTER ALTERNATIVE THAN ASKING VISITORS TO REMOVE SHOES FOR A FEW REASONS: 1. People do not like to remove their shoes, no matter what they say! 2. Convenience. When a visitor wants to tour your backyard, they have to go back to the front door to retrieve their shoes, then remove again to get back to the front door! Uuurgh! 3. Hygienic concerns. Feet or socks might be unsanitary, so asking people to remove their sandals or shoes can prove risky. Disposable shoe covers are a more hygienic alternative. Asking your clients and guests to remove their shoes could be uncomfortable. This product is designed to politely direct clients and guests to do so themselves. This box can hold up to 100 disposable shoe covers (not included). Its durability and flexibility makes it simple to display and store. This box will add to the aesthetics and cleanliness of your clients' home but will not distract or take up much space.