Earmuffs hearing protection with low profile passive folding design 26dB NRR and reduces up to 125dB

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comfortable: Which secure double-layer noise dampening foam and padded headband, G & F Safety Earmuffs always stays where they need to be, without hurting your head, so you can wear them whenever and however long you need to. 

convenient: G & F Safety Earmuffs are designed with compact folding and light-weight body for easy storage and carrying

adjustable: G & F Safety Earmuffs have adjustable headbands that can fit even onto small children's head

Loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss and even accelerate the process of becoming deaf. The need for hearing protection is often misunderstood and underestimated. Noise levels above 125 decibels for even short periods of time, can cause permanent hearing loss. When exposed to these decibels for longer periods of time the effects are even worse. Our high Noise Reduction Rating (26NRR) Ear Muffs are one of the best ways to protect your hearing from damage.