1628 Waterproof, Double Thermal shell, double Latex coated , Winter Gloves, Sandy finished

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100% Waterproof Winter Gloves for outdoor cold weather - DETAIL LOOK in WET




Fingers in WET

YES, they are truly 100% Waterproof, we used to NOT use the word "PROOF" in any of our ads. But this time, we not only say "waterproof", we add "100%" in front of it. Try for yourself.

Back of the Gloves in WET

The orange part is a water-based latex coating that makes sure water won't penetrate at all. The Black FOAM coating is the additional Layer on top of the orange latex coating(water-based). The black palm will give you the grip power you need during winter time, just try to grab something firmly and stay warm during the cold weather

Palm of the Glove in WET

There you go again, the black stuff on the palm. Did I mention the gripping power? YES I did, that's all it matters when comes to a palm, right?

What's inside that kept you WAAAAAARM

winter gloves lining

100% Acrylic Terry on the liner

This glove is not only made of double coating on the outside. Even the Glove shell itself (the black inner part ) is also made of double layers. The first layer is 15G nylon gloves shell, and the 2nd layer which is the inner lining is a 100% 7 gauge acrylic terry interior liner, this is the same stuff that's made for your winter coat. You know it will keep you warm during the coldest days out there! KEEP THE WARM GOING.


The Wintry Mix Bucket Test

A bucket of ice and water mixed together, this is official 0 degree NOW. Let's go in.


1 try


1st try coming out


2nd try


2nd try coming out