13033 Premium 100 Pack (50 Pairs )Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers - Durable, Water Resistant, non-slip, non-toxic, Recyclable, blue, stretchable fits up to size 11 US Men and 13 US Women

G & F

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About this item

  • DURABLE and HEAVY DUTY – Our slip-resistant shoe covers are made of 100% heavy-duty GSM 35g non-woven polypropylene fabric
  • MACHINE -MADE Non-woven fabric – Better quality compared to hand-made shoe covers.
  • EASY SLIP-ON AND OFF – These shoe covers are super elastic and very easy to slip on and off.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT – Silicone-pattern coating on the sole to prevent slipping
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL USES – Suitable for any indoor and outdoor settings such as home services, real estate, gardening, painting, public facilities, commercial buildings, professional environment, etc.

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    G & F Water-resistant slip-resistant disposable shoe covers offers premium protection to keep your room & shoes clean and away from dirt, grime, and certain dry particulates.





    - Material: polypropylene non woven fabric

    - Size: 16.5(L) x 6.6(W) inch

    - Color: Blue

    -PICK the Correct Pack (100 or 500 pack)

    -Pick the correct style( Slip-Resistant or Water Proof)

    Polypropylene Machine-made heavy-duty non-woven fabric,100-pack,Blue,One Size Fits All Up to XL

    These machine-made shoe covers protect your carpets and floors during in-home projects, service calls and home repairs etc.

    - Keep your room clean. Protect against dirt, grime, and certain dry particulates.

    - Easy to put on. It has a large foot opening area, which makes it easy to slip over one's shoes.

    - Soft & Comfortable. Made of soft 35gram non-woven fabric.

    - Durable. May be used more than once

     shoe coverwater proof
     Water/Slip Resistant & Dust ProofWater Proof & Dust Proof
    Feature None-slip Silicone Print Waterproof Material
    Size Large/X-Large Large/X-Large
    Packaging 100 Pack Or 500 Pack 50 Pack ONLY
    Dust Proof
    Water Penetration Water Resistant ONLY Total Water PROOF
    Material Extra Thick Double Extra Thick
    Made Of 100% Green Poly 100% Green Poly


    Non-slip Silicone Print

    The major portion of the show cover is printed with Silicone pattern to ensure -none-slip and slip-resistant on any surface

    Improved water Resistant or Water proof

    Now our Shoe cover comes with water resistant or water proof version. Both styles are made of thick poly materials >35GSM

    Easy to put on and off

    The reinforced Stretchable Elastic band will make sure the show cover is not easy to break, but easy to put on and off.

    p over one's shoes
  • soft & comfortable> be made of soft 35gram non-woven fabric

Product Description

keep your room clean protect against dirt, grime, and certain dry particulates ● easy to put on it has a large foot opening area, which makes it easy to slip over one's shoes ● soft comfortable be made of soft 35gram non-woven fabric