G & F 23033-50 WaterProof Premium 100 Pack (50 Pairs) Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers - Durable, non-slip, non-toxic, Recyclable, blue

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About this item

  • 100% premium non-woven waterproof fabric
  • Our medical-grade shoe covers are 100% recyclable, non-toxic, latex free phthalate-free PVC, lead free.
  • 100% waterproof poly, easy to put on and off. Reusable more than 3-4 times.
  • Wide range of application: painters, realtors/ real-estate agent, home service workers And inspector, Movers, contractors, workmen, plumbers, guards, doctors, surgeon.
  • Durable It is much thicker Compare to normal shoe cover
  • Available size: large(up top Men's Size 11) x-large(men's size 11 and up)

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G & F water-resistant, slip-resistant disposable shoe covers provide premium protection for your room and shoes, keeping them clean and free of dirt, filth, and certain dry particles.


- Nonwoven fabric made of polypropylene

- Dimensions: 16.5L x 6.6W inch

- Blue colour

-SELECT THE RIGHT PACKAGE (100 or 500 pack)

-Choose the appropriate style ( Slip-Resistant or Water Proof) 

Non-slip Silicone Print

The major portion of the show cover is printed with Silicone pattern to ensure -none-slip and slip-resistant on any surface

Improved water Resistant or Water proof

Now our Shoe cover comes with water resistant or water proof version. Both styles are made of thick poly materials >35GSM

Easy to put on and off

The reinforced Stretchable Elastic band will make sure the show cover is not easy to break, but easy to put on and off.

We care environment

GO GREEN: We use latex-free shoe coverings on all of our shoes. Phthalate-free. Materials that are free of PVC and can be recycled.

Polypropylene Machine-made heavy-duty non-woven fabric,100-pack,Blue,One Size Fits All Up to XL

During in-home jobs, service calls, and home repairs, these machine-made shoe covers protect your carpets and floors.


- Make sure your room is tidy. Dirt, filth, and some dry particles are all protected.


- Simple to put on. It includes a huge foot opening, making it simple to slide over one's shoes.


- Comfortable and soft. Non-woven cloth with a softness of 35 grammes.


- Long-lasting. It's possible to utilise it more than once.



 shoe coverwater proof
 Water/Slip Resistant & Dust ProofWater Proof & Dust Proof
Feature None-slip Silicone Print Waterproof Material
Size Large/X-Large Large/X-Large
Dust Proof
Water Penetration Water Resistant ONLY Total Water PROOF
Material Extra Thick Double Extra Thick
Made Of 100% Green Poly 100% Green Poly





Product Description

X-large waterproof premium 50 pack (25 pairs )disposable boot And Shoe covers - durable, non-slip, non-toxic, recyclable, blue, Stretchable fits US Men size 11 and up