G & F 1684L Dupont Nomex & Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Large, 1 Pair

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G & F 1684 Dupont Nomex  & Kevlar  Heat Resistant Gloves, Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, 1 Pair


    • 1005 dupont nomex


    • Dupont Nomex is used in fire fighter, Aerospace, military such as body armor, yet can be light-weight, comfy and thermally safer.


    • High exrreme heat would not cause gloves to melt


    • Unique Silicone coating due to the silicon texturing of the five fingers both side. Effortless to take off Baking gloves or to put on swiftly just as Oven Mitts.


    • 4 inches W * 10.5 inches L. Gloves meant for bigger fiting for easy slip on and off.

Dupont Nomex fiber offers protection when exposed to the extreme heat. The heat resistant Tech offers protective obstacle in between the heat source & the individual, assisting to decrease burn injury & offering important time to work or escape

1 Pair

  • Made of Dupont Nomax and Kevlar Heat Resistant Fiber which could stand heat up to 480 degree Fahrenheit. Interior layer of soft doubleknit 100 percent cotton
  • Flexible glove structure provides tremendous protection for hand and qirst, excellent for kitchen, BBQ, heat resistance; yard and picnic
  • None-Slip Silicone Palm technology provide firm grip
  • Five Finger Design Bring the Max. Flexibility to Hand
  • 2 Gloves Value Pack